In today’s business climate, MSMEs and corporates have to fight against market forces to gear up against the competition. Corporate restructuring is an important part of addressing these challenges.
We provide end-to-end assistance in restructuring activities such as:
 Shareholder Restructuring
 Planning for SME Listing.
 Promoter Group Restructuring.
 Balance Sheet right sizing.
 Group Restructuring — Merger, Demerger, Business Transfer, etc.
 Financing Structuring.
Valuation determines the worth of an asset. To ensure that you have the most accurate value for your business and assets, we undertake valuation as required under the Companies Act, 2013 in a very professional way.
We undertake valuation for:
 Companies
 Shares/Investments
 Intellectual Property/Intangible Assets Valuations
 Business Undertaking
 Fixed Assets
Due Diligence Review:

The firm is a trusted partner for many venture capitalists and a few angel investors. We offer to you, financial, tax, legal and corporate secretarial diligence, which are handled by our relevant experienced teams. We are with you from the first term sheet signature until the final agreement, or on an as-needed basis.
Fund Raising:

Having assisted many first generation entrepreneurs in raising equity finance, we can help you with the basic steps from preparation of business projections through each stage until signing any agreements. We help to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and investors.
Special Assignments:

We also offer special services such as:
 Profitability Analysis
 Process Review
 Operations Analysis, etc.